NLP Practitioner Training in London


Hi friends, welcome,

Picture the scene:

It’s you, but it’s different.

This version of you is someone who is used to getting more out of life. Someone who is able to focus on the best things in life and is easily able to overcome obstacles.

This version of you is happier, more relaxed, a million times more positive and amazingly self-reliant. Notice the way this version of you stands and the way you talk to others. Hear your friends commenting on how you seem to be riding the crest of the wave – and you have done for years now.

You’ve put the things that once caused you anxiety behind you and you’re keen to get on with enjoying your life to the full. So many people have asked you what your secret is that you’re almost tired of hearing the question – except that it reinforces your knowledge that things are getting better.

The truth is, there is no secret. It’s been like this ever since you attended the Licensed NLP Practitioner course with Dr Richard Bandler and you started to take control of your life.

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It’s no daydream. If you’ve read ANYTHING about NLP, you’ll know that this powerful methodology really will give you the keys to greater success and more happiness in your life.Designed specifically to enable you to become more in control of your life, so that you can get rid of negative thoughts, focus on what you want and work to the best of your abilities, NLP will change the way that you think and operate, taking you not just to the next level – but to a different place completely.

Do you ever:

  • Find yourself being unhelpfully self-critical?
  • Feel anxiety or lack of confidence in situations where you wish you felt otherwise?
  • Have a tendency to focus on the negatives, to the detriment of your career, friendships or business relationships?
  • Want to get over anxieties or phobias, such as public speaking, spiders, heights or anything else?
  • Wish you could be more motivated?
  • Dream of becoming a better communicator?
  • Hope to “read” people more effectively so that you can get on with them better?
  • Truly desire to be a more focussed, balanced and happier individual?
If the answer to any of these question is “yes”,

than the NLP Life Training NLP Licensed Practitioner course is for you!Click here, now!

The NLP Licensed Practitioner course will give you the attitude and skills you need to help others in their lives, deal with stressful situations, focus on what you want and become supremely motivated.It will give you an insight into the workings of the human mind, and will make you more effective in your interactions with others.

That’s why therapists, GPs, nurses, human resource managers, salesmen, sportsmen, soldiers, entrepreneurs, housewives, counsellors and many many others from all walks of life attend our courses.

It really is your step into a brighter more enjoyable future.

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We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on your NLP Practitioner course.All the best, Enjoy

Smiles from The English Sisters