Free Video: Richard Bandler’s Story and the Creation of NLP

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Watch and enjoy this quick 8 min video where our friend and mentor Richard Bandler
(Co-Creator of NLP) explains his story of how he began in this
field and how the exact science of NLP began.

Watch the ‘Richard Bandler’s Story
…and the Creation of NLP’ video


Richard has a very dynamic presenting style. He really is ‘a must’
to see live. Richard is coming to London in October.

If you are completely new to the NLP Life Training environment
view the history co-creator of NLP through this video

If you have been around for a while you will know just what an
impact this video will have on your life and those around you,
we highly recommend you have a look at this video

Make sure you check out NLP Life’s upcoming events, where you will be able
to say Hi to Richard at the event.

All the best. Enjoy!

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